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Local Handyman Repairs - Craftsmanship - Idaho

Skilled & Reliable Crew

We fully understand that we’re coming to your home or business to complete a task that you’re paying us to do – and we do not take that for granted. Therefore, you can expect our crews to be drug-free, courteous, minding our manners, and eager to do your job right the first time. Call us old school, but that is still very important to us and it is the only way we do business.

Local Handyman Repairs - Craftsmanship - Idaho

Done Right with Integrity

We’re not perfect, but our integrity and high moral and business ethics more than compensate for any flaws that we may have. You see, we handle each and every job – from start to finish – as if it were our own home or office. We work fast and we’re very accurate in both what we tell you in your bid – and in our completed work. Hire us today and see for yourself.

Local Handyman Repairs - Craftsmanship - Idaho

Flexible and Creative

Before we start work in your home or office, you can bet that we will have discussed our plan of attack and our full scope of work with you already. However, sometimes plans change or maybe your needs require a small tweak here or there. That’s okay, but please tell us about it early on so we can adjust our schedule and adjust the final cost of the job if needed.